We all experience difficult seasons in our lives. We wrestle with bumps in the road and we usually bounce back in our spiritual walk. There are, however, those exceptional earth-shattering moments that bring us down to the lowest point we have ever been in our spiritual journey. In such a season, the hurt is so intense that we may not even recognize ourselves in G-d’s plan.  The feeling of disappointment or abandonment can cut so deep, it can actually have the effect of amputating our connection to G-d; not because He has left us, but because we have misplaced our anger with Him. One of the saddest things to watch is wounded souls turn away from the G-d they foreknew. 

I see two common contributors to this tragic disconnect with G-d. One is our own sin, including bad choices. The guilt and disappointment within us can be too much to bear. We may feel unworthy of forgiveness. But if we know G-d’s forgiveness is available, what has happened is we truly have not been able to forgive ourselves. If we continue in this thought pattern, without repentance, we have made ourselves our own god. 

The second contributor to disconnecting with G-d is by means of those situations that happen to us mostly beyond our control. These situations usually deal with some sort of loss – loss of life, loss of health, loss of finances, loss of a relationship, loss of innocence or self esteem through abuse, and so on.  The pain of these events can lead to the questions: Why G-d?  Why did you let this happen to me or to someone I love? Where were you G-d when this happened? Why didn’t you snap your fingers and make things right? These are natural questions that are spoken in grief and pain.

When this grief is not worked through in a healthy way, we can get stuck in a negative place full of depression, bitterness, anger or any number of such emotions. Ultimately, we may limit G-d in our lives or cut Him out of our lives.  When this seed of disappointment and blaming G-d is left to grow, it blossoms into either a lingering distrust of G-d or outright rebellion in sin.  

The events triggering a deep hurt experience are far too many to include mentioning all. It would be impossible. Every event is unique to the circumstances and a person’s response. The point is these events can be catastrophic to one’s faith and often they are at the root of a broken relationship with G-d.

When we go through such a deep pit experience, we are often numb. Our thinking is not rational or logical. This is why we are told don’t make any major decisions in stress, in crisis or in grief.  Unfortunately, quite often, it is at this time that our relationship with G-d is put on the decision table.

Every person has been given the measure of faith and every event has the potential to affect that faith. Either we grow in our trust and love for G-d or we are weakened in the same way. Praise the L-rd and humbly thank Him, exceedingly, if you have been able to maintain trust in the most trying times of your life; but not all Believers pull through unscathed. Some make the decision in crisis to let go of faith, let go of trust, and let go of G-d.

We know from Scripture faith without works is dead. We have to act on that faith. Along the same lines, faith without trust equals doubt. We need to trust G-d even when we can’t see beyond the moment. Not trusting G-d’s sovereign will to be for our best and not understanding that G-d allows natural consequences for our sin, and the sins of mankind as a whole, can lead us down a devastating path.

Everything that is perfect and good comes from the L-rd. Everything that is evil comes from the enemy of our souls. When mankind listens to the forces of evil, often time, innocent people are hurt. Every person has free will that results in consequences. We pray that people use their choices for good, for themselves and others, but it doesn’t always happen that way. We know from Scripture that we will suffer, sometimes without due cause. But that suffering does not change who G-d is and what He desires for us. Even in bad situations, G-d wants us to come through with Him carrying us. He desires to draw us closer to Him in all seasons of our life. He desires for us to walk with Him as He makes what the enemy meant for bad bring forth something that is good.

G-d trusts us to stick with Him and overcome. He is our biggest fan. He is our Father. Scripture says He never leaves us nor forsakes us. He has faith in us to make the right choices, even when it means to suffer for His name’s sake. Ouch; the idea of suffering is hard to swallow but the fruit we bear in and out of the trial is rich. It is treasure laid up in heaven. Our faith is testimony to the Body of Believers. To persevere is strength to our soul, growth in our journey, and most important growth in our love for G-d.

You may say, “How can I rise out of such a deep dark place when I can’t see the light of day?”

Well, let’s talk about some “what if’s.” What if you can’t see the goodness of G-d in the middle of the crisis? What if you are so weakened by the situation that you can’t sense G-d’s presence? Be still and know that G-d is G-d. Hang on to Him like your life depends on it. Speak your heart to G-d. Hold on to what you know to be true even if you don’t feel it or sense it. Healing takes time. Surround yourself with other Believers that you can trust to pray for you and lift you up to the L-rd. Do not isolate yourself where the enemy can come in like a flood.

What if you lose self esteem, get stuck in the pit of anger, depression, and disappointment? Remember who G-d is. He is holy, just, and good. Remember how He sees you. He loves you. He is not to blame for mankind’s choices. If your mind is too cluttered to recall His word, read it. It is life and sustenance to your being.  If you can’t read it, reach out to someone who can speak the word into you. Again, stay in the Body of Believers where you will be ministered to health.

What if you feel unworthy or can’t seem to forgive yourself? Remind yourself that you have repented. G-d has forgiven you and thrown your sins in the sea. The blood of atonement has covered you. There is no condemnation in the L-rd, Yeshua. There is no requirement beyond confessing your sin to G-d, turning from your sin, and reconciling any offenses to others. Now, give yourself healing time, if that is what it takes, to accept fully that you have been forgiven.  Allow the L-rd to minister to you through various sources.

What if you give up fighting, give in to negative feelings, begin to deny who G-d is, and become rebellious in sin? Well, we know from Scripture sin without repentance separates us from G-d. In sin, we step out of G-d’s protection and blessing and position ourselves to be prey of the enemy’s lies. As we listen to the lies of the enemy, this path only sets us up to become further and further away from G-d’s truth about our situation. The enemy wants us weary and defeated, but the battle is the L-rd’s. Submit to G-d, resist the enemy and he will flee. 

Let’s further expound on rebellious sin in response to disappointment either in self or G-d. Let’s say you come to the conclusion that you don’t like G-d’s way or “rules.” Why do you think in a crisis we wouldn’t like G-d’s way? More likely than not, we lack understanding that His ways are higher than our ways, and we cannot see the bigger picture of His plan. In essence, we want to understand all things now and dictate to G-d how He should be interceding in our lives.  We are using a finite mind to try to understand the infinite G-d. Unless G-d reveals His plan to us, we are not going to understand immediately everything He does or allows to happen. Hindsight can be a wonderful thing. Amen?

So, what about His “rules?” A better term would be His teachings or instruction. We know that all Scripture written by the Spirit is profitable for instruction, refutation, correction, and learning in righteousness. In a crisis, we are bombarded with emotions of the flesh. We have to choose to respond to the flesh with the spirit. Easier said than done in the pit, but with Him all things are possible. When in sin, we are allowing the flesh to rule over the spirit. So, if in the crisis, we are being overwhelmed by emotions and feelings of the flesh, it’s going to be really hard to consider the instruction we call rules as reasonable or doable.  Instruction that is perfect and holy and good for our spirit is going to come at war with our flesh. 

One of three things can happen at this crossroad of war. The best thing we can do is submit to G-d, repent, and come back under His blessing. He will keep His word and bring us to a place of healing. On the other hand, we can fall away, reject G-d’s plan, and wander in sin. Not a good choice. Then, there is another option, perhaps even worse than the previous and it happens often.  This option is neither hot nor cold. This is the option that says, “I am not willing to change, I can’t change, or I don’t need to change. G-d loves me no matter what and His rules are relative to interpretation.” What this third option is truly saying is I am ignoring the true character I once knew of G-d, hence creating a new god with new rules, and buying into a false sense of security that I am okay in this belief.

Woe to the enemy of lies! This option changes who G-d is to suit the new lifestyle of rebellion and sin. Dangerous. G-d doesn’t change. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yes, God is love, but He is also Holy. If we knowingly create a new character for G-d, this god is not G-d at all, but a false god. And that false god is an idol.  In this scenario, the enemy’s seed has taken root and persuaded the Believer in a false hope that they are okay. It is a lie from the pit.  It is lukewarm (lacking conviction) and the L-rd will spew it out.

Sh’ma, listen and do, if you have not handled a previous crisis or present crisis in a healthy manner and this message is speaking to you. The L-rd is calling you home to reunite in His Body of Believers, under His care, in His blessing, in His truth. When you can identify in hindsight the turn in faith, the root cause of a destructive path, then you can began the healing process and return to G-d. It’s not too late to be restored. If you have not been through such a crisis, be not unaware less the enemy catch you by surprise. And if you know someone who has been taken astray, pray that they may be reconciled to G-d and the Community of Believers.

This I place before the Community of Believers. We need to be positioned to comfort one another in trials and tribulations. We need to minister to each other in times of need, carry one another's burdens, and love one another as the Father has loved each of us. To those of us who are spiritual, we are instructed to restore one who has fallen away in gentleness and be careful less we fall into temptation. We remember there is a time to rejoice together, but let us not forget there is a time to weep together. Be spiritually minded and continue bearing fruit in the Kingdom. May His Spirit prevail and rule in our heart, mind, and spirit. Let us not forget our first love and the greatest of the commands, loving G-d and loving our neighbor. Peace be to all in our L-rd, Yeshua haMashiach.

There are more than 42 scriptures to support this inspired writing. If this message touches you in a way that you would like to read what G-d's word says, I'd be happy to send the scripture references upon request. Thank you for reading. G-d bless you.