In the silent years, as they have been called,

There was neither quiet nor peace.

As recorded in the book of Maccabees,

We find bravery in a few Jewish priests.


The Greco-Syrians made war,

And plundered the Jewish Temple.

They sacrificed a pig on the altar,

And destroyed everything ornamental.


The Maccabee family rose up;

Father and sons battled for their land.

Outnumbered over the years,

Yet G-d placed victory in their hands.


To celebrate their triumph,

Cleansing of the Temple commenced.

A makeshift menorah was built

and they searched for oil and incense.


What shall we do with the defiled altar

Where the non-kosher animal was killed?

We’ll tear it down, they decided,

and place the stones on the Temple hill.


Until a prophet shall come,

At which time he will tell us what to do;

There the stones will remain

And an altar we will build anew.


When the oil was found,

It was only enough to burn for a day.

Even still, the Temple was rededicated

And the menorah was lit for display.


Olives were gathered and pressed

To prepare them for making new oil,

But this would take days to accomplish

No matter how much they toiled.


As the priests continued in their tasks,

The menorah light shone bright.

A Great Miracle Happened There,

The oil lasting eight days and nights.


The Temple was officially rededicated

And the people of Israel declared,

Every year we’ll celebrate for eight days

Starting on the twenty-fifth of the month Kislev.


There was great joy among the people.

Offerings and thanksgiving were given.

Songs were sung, cymbals played,

And they worshipped the G-d of Heaven.



Over one hundred sixty years later

During this Season of Dedication,

An angel appeared to a young maiden

To tell of a Son whose name means salvation.


A child was conceived by the Ruach

And later born on a Tabernacle night.

A teacher full of wisdom, He grew

And shone His life of Torah, the light.


His followers were many

And with the religious rulers He did debate.

He was the Prophet with divine authority,

Only recognized by those with faith.


It was winter in Jerusalem

And the Season of Dedication had approached.

The Prophet Yeshua went to the Temple

And walked along Solomon’s Porch.


The Judeans surrounded Him

And asked Him to tell if it is so,

That He is indeed the Messiah.

He replied, I told you, my sheep do know.


But these Judeans did not believe

And they took up stones in hand.

They accused Him of blasphemy,

Saying He cannot be G-d while being a man.


Yeshua testified of doing His Father’s work,

Quoted Torah, and spoke as the Son of G-d.

Angered, they tried to take Him,

But He slipped by and escaped the mob.


Surely they did not see,

That upon that Dedication day,

The Light that shone before them,

The life, the truth, the way.


And so they took up stones

At the Temple near Solomon’s Porch,

Not knowing who they sought to kill,

The Light of Salvation, the One who’d die for their reproach.

References: Books of 1&2 Maccabees; Babylonian Talmud Tractate Shabbat Chapter 2; Antiquities of the Jews- Josephus: Book XII, Chapter VII; Proverbs 6:23; John 10:22