Do you know who’s sitting next to you?

You claim to be my own.

You say you exercise my character,

Yet there are many things unknown.


You speak of sin like it can’t touch you

Because you’ve stayed straight and narrow.

Perhaps you’ve lived quite sheltered,

Shielded from the enemy’s arrow.


Or maybe a fire you have been through,

And on your pedestal you have forgotten.

Pride has obscured the road,

Upon which, you were once trottin’.


Sure you are blessed to know me.

My love, forgiveness, and grace.

But how is it showing through you?

Your salt is harsh to taste.


Yes, you are in a room of Believers,

Like you, desiring to reflect me.

They wear smiles over broken hearts

And inside they yearn to be free.


Did you know in your conversation,

As you spoke against pro-choice,

A lady across the room cringed

As she remembered the abortionist’ voice?


Your words were so unforgiving

Towards anyone who’d kill their baby.

Surely, it wouldn’t be a Believer.

Someone possessed by demons, maybe.


I ask again, do you know who is in this room?

Do you know who’s sitting in the next chair?

I’ll tell you because I know all;

And you are obviously unaware.


There is a husband who is addicted to porn

There is a wife who has had an affair

There is a mother who’s had an abortion

There is a man wishing death without care

There is a woman living with domestic violence

There is a man struggling with sexual orientation

There is a woman who was molested

There is a lady addicted to medication


There is a man who loves work more than family

There is a couple whose children are out of control

There is a single mom struggling with fornication

There is a man gambling his finances into a hole


There is a young man drinking his life away

There is a woman who is severely depressed

There is a man who is filled with bitterness

There is a woman wounded and oppressed


You say surely these are visitors, not Believers in one accord,

Unsaved more likely, not those walking with the L-rd.


Little blessed sheep with judgment in your hand,

These are fallen Believers being slain across the land.


Yes, they sit beside you week after week.

They smile and press on while inside they weep.


Your unwillingness to forgive and love as I have taught

has not opened your eyes and softened your heart.


Remember your filthy rags in which you were found.

Don’t forget the forgiveness you received so profound.


These are your brothers and sisters in Messiah

Wounded and attacked by the enemy’s fire.


They hide in fear and guilt and shame

From Believers that point fingers, ready to blame.


Without your support, they come to be cleansed

Straight to me, outside your cruel lens.


But you have a calling, if you say I am in you.

Listen to my words and know they are true.


Love the broken with gentleness I say,

Hate the sin and love MY way.


Remember the tree where blood did flow,

That life saving grace you came to know?


There is no limit to my love for you;

So pass it on and do as I do.


Draw these fallen out of their bondage.

Show them My mercy and stop the carnage.


Notes: Although this is written as poetry, the message falls strongly under Preach It: Teach It.

We need to minister restoration and healing to many broken sheep. As the word says: Brothers if any man among you goes before you in error, you who are in the Spirit, restore him by the spirit of gentleness; and beware or else temptation also comes upon you (Galations 6:1).

Notice in the above verse it says "who are in the Spirit," those operating under the control of the Holy Spirit, Ruach HaKodesh. What does that indicate? See Galations 5:22 for the listing of the fruit of the Spirit, and notice the operational fruit for restoration here in Galations 6:1: "gentleness."

Healing is done with gentleness and exact precision only given through the Spirit, just like a surgical procedure. Rip open a wounded sheep, and you'll be sure to cause more damage. The verse then ends with a cautionary note not to fall into temptation oneself. Again, you "who are in the Spirit" should be suited up in full armor, prayed up, and holding to His word. This is protection against the enemy operating behind the scenes, not the broken sheep. See Ephesians 6:11-12.

Also, remember our L-rd's words in the principle of meeting needs: Truly, I say to you, inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me (Matt 25:40). A man does not live by bread alone so how much more do we need to minister to the spiritual need?

The lesson is simple. Restore in His love with gentleness. Show compassion. Love covers a multitude of sins. May we be a healed Assembly of Sheep. G-d bless!

(This poem was inspired in part by true events.)