When I was a little girl, I was told stories like:

“If you swallow a seed, a tree will grow in your stomach; and if you swallow gum, it will stay in your stomach for seven years.”

Silly stories? Perhaps.  

What about these stories?

“Put your tooth under your pillow and the tooth fairy will come to leave you some money.”

“You better go to sleep or Santa won’t bring you any toys.”

“Don’t go in that room or the boogie man is going to get you.”

We’ve all heard stories and whether they were true or not, as children we were likely to believe them.

I believed the stories because I trusted the person telling me the story. Why not? Don’t eat certain things and I won’t get a tummy ache. Go to sleep when I am told and good things happen in the morning. Right? It was the innocence of childhood –blind faith in those who cared for me.

Then, I was exposed to the outside world.

“You’re so naive. You believe that?” The neighborhood kids would laugh.

Ugh! I was crushed. I realized that not everything I was told was true. Fortunately, I did know G-d and was able to run to Him in prayer when my feelings were hurt.

With no introduction to G-d in a child’s life, who can the child trust? Worst case scenario, broken trust with caregivers can be transferred to not trusting G-d. It’s sad to see this in children and even sadder to see it linger into adulthood.

I share this story to point out that when we are young, we easily believe.  That is where G-d wants us in our relationship to Him, full trust.

Our caregivers may have instructed us in truth, tales, or anything in between the two. Everyone’s experience is different, but it boils down to understanding that all of mankind falls short and can disappoint us, either a little or a lot.

There is One, however, our heavenly Father, who will not give us anything less than the whole truth, perfect love, complete forgiveness, and direction for life. With our Father, we can have childlike faith, the kind that trusts no matter what comes to pass. In fact, that is the very thing He wants of us, to be humble like a child.

Matthew 18, verses 1-4, in the Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) says:

At that moment, the disciples drew near to Y’shua and said, “Who indeed is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?” And Y’shua called a child and made him stand in their midst. And said, “Truly I say to you, that unless you change and become like children, you will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. He therefore who humbles himself like this child, he will be great in the Kingdom of Heaven. And he who receives one like this child in my name receives me.

The term Kingdom of Heaven is not a pillow on a cloud in the sky after physical death. In Yeshua’s day, the term Kingdom of Heaven was and is in reference to an action – G-d’s rule in one’s life/submitting to His teachings and discipline. When we are like humble children, who have faith without doubt, that is when we are great in His Kingdom. I personally believe that is when we are most effective.

We as Believers can have confidence to fully trust and submit to G-d, even, for instance, when we don’t understand why things didn't work out as we expected them to happen. We can be assured that He aids us in ALL things, for good, we who love Elohim (G-d); we who He called from before our beginnings according to His purpose (see Romans 8:28 AENT).

We are safe with our Father to unconditionally trust Him because He is GOOD and desires our best. We need not doubt when naysayers come along, nor break our trust with G-d, because our Father is perfect. He holds the truth which He reveals by His Ruach (Spirit).

He says in His Word, “For I know the thoughts that I am thinking for you- the Word of HaShem; thoughts of peace and not evil, to give you a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11 Stone TNK).

Our call is to be set apart from the world and all of its man-made religion and philosophies. We are to enter our Father’s Kingdom, as little children, through faith in Yeshua HaMashiach (Messiah Yeshua), and follow His teachings in His Word – cover to cover.