Toads, fleas, and bunnies…

What do toads, fleas, and bunnies have in common? They hop from one place to the next.

Beware of toads that come and sit, croak, and spread a toxic infection; then hop away.

Beware of fleas that come and go, biting multiple times.

Beware of bunnies; they leave behind good fertilizer but they eat and leave.


Flies, mosquitoes, and spiders…

What do flies, mosquitoes, and spiders have in common? They are busybodies.

Beware of flies; nothing good ever comes out of their mouth.

Beware of mosquitoes; they suck the life out of you.

Beware of spiders; they are diligent workers, but they design traps.


Roaches, opossums and doodle bugs…

What do roaches, opossums, and doodle bugs have in common? They play dead.

Beware of roaches; they do things in the dark and show their other side in the light.

Beware of opossums; they feed off of garbage and when threatened, they faint.

Beware of doodle bugs. They go in circles, and if you touch them, they clam up.


Butterflies, birds, and bees…

What do butterflies, birds, and bees have in common? They are productive.

Butterflies come from a transformed life and rise above in a beautiful way to help pollinate and bear fruit.

Birds nurture and teach their offspring how to soar (and some are good to eat).

Bees produce sweet honey. They work independently, and as a team, and are protective of their mission.

Ants, lions, sheep, monkeys…

What do ants, lions, sheep, and monkeys have in common? They live and thrive in community.

Ants are team oriented. They work together to build a home to benefit the whole.

Lions build strong families. They understand their position, territory, and purpose.

Monkeys model community in fun ways. They bond well and engage others to higher places.

Sheep are humble. They need direction and they know their master’s voice.


So maybe you are a sheep, but you have flies on your face. Or maybe you are an ant, but your company is a spider. Or perhaps you are a bird, but there is a toad in your nest. Maybe you are a bee, and a mosquito just landed in your honey.

There will always be pesky creatures in life, but in the whole scheme of things G-d created all things with a purpose. When you find out what the flea’s purpose is, please let me know.

With some of these seemingly undesirables, we can take their traits and see how they can be used for good. What if the spider in our midst created a web design (not a play on words) of the good news that attracted people? What if the bunny fertilized the land in the sense of helping people grow and never left its territory? What if the doodle bug kept the strongest confidence by clamming up?

On the other hand, what if the flea’s visit increased your discernment and caused you to secure your armor? What if the fly reminded you to choose your words to speak life?  What if the roach reminded you to confess your sins before the L-rd daily? And the mosquito reminded you to rely on the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) for self control so as to not drain your resources? What if the toad reminded you that goodness and kindness can be just as infectious?  And the opossum reminded you to faint not in the presence of fear?

If we want to function well in G-d’s family, we need to understand His design of us as individuals, and as a community, and learn to be productive within our community.

Some things we need to get out of our lives completely because there is nothing good that will come of it, aka sin. It is counterproductive to our growth. Then there are other things that are neither good nor bad, but we need to make certain we channel these for good, e.g., choices in liberties.

Our goal should be to find our place in a community as that team worker ant, purpose driven lion, teaching bird, testifying butterfly, creative bee, or encouraging monkey with laughter like medicine – just to name a few.

Inherently, in the body of Messiah, all of us are sheep. We are not all knowing as sometimes we wander out of the fold and need to be pulled back in. We are learning by the training of our Good Shepherd. Our design is to be productive creatures in our community within the Body of Messiah. The L-rd calls us to where He wants us to be and lets us know how He wants us to produce… if we listen to the Master’s voice that we know.

May HaShem bless His sheep. Baa baa.