Along the same theme as in the previous two posts, Perception or Truth and Assumptions of Character, I want to add one more teaching to this series, Judging G-d.

We sometimes make false assumptions about people when we only know a few facts. These facts can appear to mean something, but in inquiring may not add up to the truth. We make mistakes in judgment with people quite often, but have we considered we sometimes do the same thing with G-d?

The angle that I am coming at this will make more sense if you’ve read the previous above mentioned posts, particularly Assumptions of Character. The short of it is that we can assume an observed behavior in a new relationship will have the same results we experienced with the same behavior in a previous relationship. We can forget to look at the person in the new relationship as the individual he or she is.

In relationships, people vary even though the behavior may appear the same. G-d on the other hand does not vary. The Bible tells us that He does not change. His will for all things to work for our good doesn’t change. What does vary is how G-d chooses to intervene in our lives. His desire is always for us to keep faith and draw closer to Him.

We can wrongfully judge G-d when we assume His abilities have to meet our desired outcome because we have seen Him operate in a certain way in the past.

For example, I can look at scripture and read story after story of G-d healing people of their diseases, giving sight to the blind, making the lame walk, even raising people from the dead. Scripture says He did this over and over again and Yeshua even instructs us to pray for the same miracles of healing in our own lives. So in faith that His Word is true and trusting in His ability to heal, I should pray for healing, right? Isn’t that what we do?

Let me share a personal testimony. When I was fifteen, I was diagnosed with glaucoma, an eye disease that can cause blindness from damage due to high pressures in your eyes. It usually strikes older people, but in a routine eye exam, it was diagnosed. When I got home, I prayed an odd prayer for a fifteen year old, but it went something like this: L-rd I really don’t want to have to put these stinging drops in my eyes or possibly go blind, but if in having this illness, you can spare someone else of a worse illness, I’ll put up with it. Not my will, but may your will be done.

Four years later, I asked to be taken off the eye drops and the pressures in my eyes were checked in a series of visits. Visit after visit, they were normal. I was healed. Praise G-d. My faith increased with this awesome testimony.

Well, three years later, I was pregnant with my third child. I was only a few weeks pregnant and realized I was possibly miscarrying. I prayed for a miracle, but things progressed for the worse. When I went to the doctor, an ultrasound revealed I had lost the baby. But wait, there was another one. There were twins. Praise G-d, I thought. A miracle, I still have a baby.

Well, six months later the twin baby boy died in my womb. Jacob was stillborn.

In that season, my faith was crushed. I assumed G-d would always carry out His ability to heal because I was His child of great faith, a good person, trusted His word, etc. But, a miracle for this child was not in His divine plan for me.

I was angry. I felt betrayed in my beliefs. I was wounded. It was the first time that I learned in a very real way that G-d doesn’t always intervene when bad things happen to His children – at least not in the way I had hoped.

Well, in case you’re wondering, my faith was recovered over time and I learned some new scriptures. The most memorable was: all things work together for good, for those who love the L-rd and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). In hindsight, I was able to see how G-d used a loss to bring about life. But, that’s another testimony.

When the next crisis happened in my life, where I needed to pray for healing, my previous experiences naturally came to mind. Was I going to trust to pray for healing or assume based on the most recent experience, G-d was not going to heal?

This is where we can wrongfully judge G-d. When we have a series of disappointments in our expectations for G-d to intervene, we can begin to doubt that G-d will come through for us. We can even start to doubt His word is true for us. It may be true for someone else, we say, but not for me. Of course this is us speaking through the flesh, our wounded feelings.

This is what we need to know and trust in our spirit. God does not change. His will for our good does not change. Just because He did not intervene in one situation does not mean He will not perform a desired miracle in a subsequent situation. Every single event in our life is uniquely used for good for His purpose. Every event is a piece of a larger picture to grow us to where G-d wants us to be, closer to Him, holy, and set apart.

His thoughts and ways are higher than our thoughts. We only know in part, whereas He knows it all. The scope of His plan for us, those in our circle of influence, and the greater picture of the world, is too big for us to comprehend. Even still He loves us, cares for us, and knows us better than we know ourselves, even to the number of hairs on our head.

When we trust in the truth of what the Bible says about G-d, it clears up all false assumptions which can be judgments against G-d’s character. As G-d clearly spells out in chapter 38 of Job, He does not need our counsel on how to do things.

We must resist the thought that every situation will be a disappointment. Likewise, we must resist the thought that everything is going to work out as we in our flesh expect. Instead we need to pray thy will be done, expecting that the outcome will ultimately be a testimony to His goodness, which will also be for our good and the good of those around us. Keep in mind our lives are a living testimony of our faith and G-d working through us.

When we make false assumptions, judgments, or doubt, the enemy of our souls feeds off of this and encourages this. Listening to our thoughts in the flesh and the lies of the enemy only inflicts damage to our faith. Remember we overcome by the blood of the Lamb (Yeshua) and the word of our testimony (Rev. 12:11).

Have faith and trust always. And may our will line up with His will. Amen.

Shalom. Peace.