I’m trying to figure out what part of One Body in Messiah are we not understanding? What part of they will know us by our love one for another are we not getting? What part of love G-D with all your heart, soul, and resources, and love your neighbor as yourself do we not hear?

The L-RD said to take care of the orphans, widows, and the poor. This is pure ministry. Did we miss that?

I can see why Yeshua turned some tables and debated with some of the religious. I see why He had to come to correctly interpret the Torah and show us by example how to walk. We tend to be creatures that repeat the same mistakes.

Because His Spirit lives in me, I am stirred inside and He tells me, “See, THIS ought not to be so!”

Are you tuned in?  Do you see by His Spirit? If you do, I’m not speaking of you.  Take heed not to fall in this way.

I will make a disclaimer. There are good sheep and there are some good shepherds equipping the sheep. But, there are many, many, many who are missing the mark. They have either lost humility, lost their first love, or lost focus; forgot mercy, forgot forgiveness, or forgot compassion; or some combination of the above, among other things.

The individual members of the body, the sheep in a congregation, can be spoken of for days on end. The L-RD made a good analogy because sheep can be dumb, and we all have our moments. But, I am addressing the leadership of these sheep, those of us that are to feed these sheep, because we have a responsibility. We are accountable for the calling we accept. We are the example but how are we doing?

Pause. Look and observe. Are we in line with Yeshua’s teachings, the Torah? We have made things so complex and yet the message is so simple. “Make disciples” and “Feed my sheep.”

We have created new religions: tainted with our own ideas, mixed with doctrines of men, and spiced with pagan practices. Our standards are not the L-rd’s, but a blend of the world’s formula. Pun intended.

We have put conditions and hoops for people to jump through that Yeshua certainly didn’t implement. I’m still looking for the passage where Yeshua told the people to pull out their shekels so they could acquire membership in his club. And the passage where it says Believing Gentiles remain foreigners and are not part of the commonwealth of Israel.

“Neither Jew nor Gentile” is what I read. “Joint-heirs” is what I read. “Grafted in” is what I read. “One new man” is what I read.

Some people are unjustly given labels and called rebellious or said to be toting some evil spirit. Intimidation and fear are used to manipulate sheep into obedience, and not even to G-d as if that would be a good tactic, but to man. Common inquiries in conversation are incorrectly considered lashon hara (evil speaking). Others are made to feel like second class citizens in a fellowship. The poor are robbed or ignored; the weak are left behind; the needy are left begging; and widows left unattended.

Who is our L-rd? Does He not go after that one sheep who has strayed? Does He not meet us right where we ARE?  Did He not say when you visited, clothed, or fed one of the least of these my brethren, you did so unto me? Does not each man stand before G-D accountable for what he believes?

How can we make disciples if we aren’t emulating Messiah? Are we drawing people in or pushing them away? How can we feed the sheep if we are too worried about feeding our goals and buildings?

How’s the mirror holding up? Can we look at ourselves and see Messiah?

I see, by the showing of the L-rd that we, in many respects, have lost focus in leadership and we need to repent.

The L-rd has not called us to be back biters, gossipers, competitors, or wolves in sheep’s clothing. Yes, we may have different styles of worship. An eye doesn’t hear and an arm doesn’t see. But THE BODY works together for ONE purpose, to glorify HIM, and accomplish HIS WORK. Put the daggers away and pull out the Sword of the Spirit.

Get rid of the pride. Pride comes before destruction. We have plenty of examples of that in Scripture. Cut out the jealousy. It divides the Body. Take a bath. Have a mikvah. Let’s get clean. We are a bride in preparation, a spotless bride for Messiah.

Keep it simple. Keep it G-D’s, Spirit led. Let’s be holy and set apart, exhibit a faith like Abraham, quick to obey. Let us take on those characteristics of holiness that will bring about favor and blessing. The L-RD resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.

Step out of the click and the ideas of the world for a minute. Let’s examine ourselves. We need to set our arrows straight and aim for the bulls-eye, neither stepping to the right nor to the left. Let’s run the race and hit the mark. Who are we following? Or what are we following? Let’s get focused. Let’s get humble. Let’s please the L-RD, HASHEM. Amein.