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Chai (Life)

correct me of my sin so that my walk will be pleasing to You

H  humor me that Your joy may strengthen my faith in times of trial

align my vision that I may see things through Your love

 I  inspire me with Your hope and teach me to be obedient to Your ways

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The House

July 7, 2014
A house divided cannot stand....

I believe someone famous said that.

To Be A Child Of G-d's Kingdom

April 20, 2013

To be a child of G-d’s Kingdom is a concept set apart from any manmade religion.

It doesn’t matter if your parents are Protestant, Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, or any other religion or non-religion. It doesn’t matter if your grandpa is a rabbi, your dad is a pastor, your uncle is a priest, or Mother Theresa is your distant cousin. It doesn’t matter if you live in Jerusalem, visit Israel, or bathe in holy water.  

You can jump pews, roll on the floor, read liturgy, or say p...

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A Man of G-D

January 30, 2013

A man of G-D,
he separates himself from the cord
of being a child in the flesh.
Leaving his father and mother
with the promise to honor them,
he joins to his beloved,
his tender vessel,
his other half, and becomes one.

He holds close to his bride,
adorns her with every need,
listens to the desires of her heart.
He protects her with his life,
knowing her worth is far above precious jewels,
and he harbors no bitterness towards her.

As he is commanded,
he lives with her with understanding

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Rebbetzin Yona

If I boast about anything, it will be about my Abba, the Creator of the Universe, the Creator of me, the One and Only true G-d.

The L-rd drew me unto Himself as a young girl. My introduction to the L-rd, prayer, and His Scriptures was through the women in my family.

He filled me with His Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) at the age of fifteen and has walked with me, teaching me ever since.

His ministry in me has been to use the many gifts He has freely given in order to testify of Him.

His gifts have been plenty, from equipment to do the task at hand to experiences of trials and joys. All that He gives is a gift, treasures of learning, growing, and drawing close to Him.

For me, the greatest of these gifts is to know Him intimately. Without Him, I am powerless against my enemies and fruitless for His kingdom. I am nothing apart from Him.

Through my acceptance of Messiah Yeshua's atonement, I received cleansing of my sins and a place in His Kingdom.

It is because of the Almighty's Chesed, mercy and loving kindness, to me that I am able to testify of Him, share the good news, and pour out His Chesed into my neighbor.

And so I boast about Him, because it IS all about my Abba and the salvation given through His Son.