Sandy sermons
Exiting ears
Pious pews
Regular rears

Strutting saved
Obstinate ornate
Miscarried message
Affects abate

Worldly witness
Conforming child
Floundering fences
Believer beguiled

Compromised corners
Wavering words
Pleasing people
Shapeless  swords

Entertaining error
Father frowns
Inviting iniquity
Ambiguity abounds

Feasting foe
Cunning chaffs
Wrestling wheat
Lucifer laughs

Rise redeemed
Assert authority
Stand strong
Prize priority

United unshaken
Foundation firm
Sharpened swords
Calling confirmed

Resist rebellion
Wiles withstand
Trust truth
Consult command

Luminous light
Creation cries
Seasoned salt
Deceit’s demise

Fervent faith
Prayer prevails
Amass armor
Folly fails

Heavenly harvesters
Sowing seeds
Cultivate crops
Weather weeds

Efficiently equipped
Grasp goals
Sovereign Spirit
Save souls

This poem uses alliteration to give a message to stand firm for the truth and thereby reach souls.