How often do we do things “knowing” that it would please HASHEM, but in our hearts we have a double motive, one to please the Father and one that is self serving?

In our minds, we know that certain things please HASHEM. We often think of obedience.  But does that obedience flow from a well in the heart of pure love for HASHEM? Or does our heart seek its own reward? Our mind and heart should be in sync in action to wholly please and honor HASHEM. As we renew our minds to the mind of Yeshua, a purification of the heart should take place. A new heart of flesh is created that is bent towards the L-RD.

Only the L-RD knows the heart of each man and woman, his or her complete motive and intention. In this we will know whether we have served to please the L-RD. When our deeds are tried in fire, will they come out as pure gold, precious metal, or will they burn as wood and become ash? Who wants to stand before the L-RD and cry out “I have done all these things in Your name” and see ashes lay before them? 

The L-RD will know with what motive our deeds were done, with singleness of heart or a double mind. He will know if glory was brought upon ourselves, likewise if we trampled upon someone to achieve an earthly reward. Our deeds ripple for miles unseen to our eyes. Was giving glory to HASHEM done in the same breath of putting someone to shame? Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Perhaps there are stones and pebbles blocking the spring of Living Waters?

The litmus test of our actions is in the reality of this question. Can our deeds stand the test of fire where all impurities are burned to naught? Selah.

In this season of Teshuvah, we need to examine our hearts, renew our minds to line up with HASHEM’s Word, and be certain that our motives are to fully honor our Father in Heaven. Through Yeshua, who is our atonement, we can trust Him to wash us clean of sin and selfish motives.

Just as Solomon was instructed in 1 Chronicles 28:9, may we serve with a perfect heart and a willing mind, as echad (one), to know and seek the L-RD; and may our praise in word and deed be pleasing and honoring wholly unto Him. Let it be that we cast precious metals to His Honor.

Love the L-RD Your G-D with all your heart, soul, and might.  Amen.


(Scripture references: 1 Corinthians 3:12-14, Romans 12:2, Deuteronomy 10:12-13, 1 Chronicles 28:9, James 4:8, Luke 6:45)