As I sit outside on my swing, the L-RD comes to meet me. I hear His voice in the wind. The rustling starts out soft and builds to a huge swoosh overhead. I look up and see the leaves dance on the tree branches. The cooled air moves through the hairs on my skin. The L-RD speaks as He encircles me with His presence:

No object in nature goes untouched. When I come over you, there is no part of your life that I do not know, touch, and fill with my best desires for you. You are covered.

Peace touches me. His power and love surround me. The freshness of His breath is life to my lungs and pours into my being. How wonderful for Him to give me such a vivid personal visit. I am His child and He is my Abba. I soak in His visit and it remains with me. I know He cares for me. He took time for me, to come where I was, to meet me just as I am.

Thank you, L-RD, for your visit. I close my eyes and embrace Him.

01.11.2008 (rev. 08.23.2011)