In the quiet, the L-RD speaks. He whispers His truth to our open ears. We filter His words through our present life and our emotions. Yet, distractions can cause us to half listen. Our hearing depends on our attentiveness, our willingness to clear our mind. We can see His Word for what it is and accept it wholly and completely. His Spirit is our direction and calls us into a righteous walk without fail. His presence is constant, His teaching is wise. He brings peace and rest to our souls. Our every care is in His hands and capable they are to handle all things beyond our imagination.

Love me, He says, with all that you are. Give every day and every breath to me. And, I will dine with you and walk with you, laugh with you and weep with you. Love your neighbor as I love you, without condition, and bless him. In doing these two things, you will follow the sum of all my teachings. How is it that you could judge your brother when you are unaware of the weaknesses I have yet to reveal in you? You are a work of my hands just as your brother, and I will bring you to the fullness of what I intend for you to be. Forgive your brother so I will forgive you. Walk in peace and so let that be the covering of your feet.

I will bless you in your obedience as you listen to my voice. You will find favor where it did not exist. I will never leave you in times of trouble. I will strengthen you and grow you in hardship and trial. Count it all joy that I am perfecting you into a holy people. Pride will not be known among you, but rather: humility, meekness, kindness, and longsuffering. You will be known by your love.

I will make your enemies to fall at your side. Your enemies will learn the power and might of your Father. By my Spirit, you will be strengthened and stand firm. Anyone who stands in unrighteous judgment against you will reap his own judgments. No one will harm my sheep. I am the Good Shepherd. I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. Let no one touch my anointed.

My child, hear my voice, cast your burdens upon me, and let them go. I will care for your every need. I will solve your every concern. In my time, in my season, all things will come to pass for your good. Live for my kingdom today. You know not what tomorrow will bring, neither should you be concerned. Your worry will not add or take away from the plans that I have for you. I seek to prosper you into the fullness of your calling. By what ever means, I will walk with you every step of the way.

Do not reward evil for evil, rather be known by your steadfast love. Allow my light to shine in you and through you, and let me work my Spirit into the hearts of those you encounter. I will put evil doers to shame. They will see the wickedness of their own ways and their own words will rot at their flesh, calling them to repentance. Do not rejoice in the pain of your enemy, but rather pray that he may become your brother. I, the L-RD, am not willing that any should perish. I have put before mankind life and death and desire that you choose life.

Put others before yourself. Help the needy, the poor, the orphans, the widows. Commune with one another and I will multiple your goods.  Do all things as unto me, and I will satisfy you beyond measure.

Seek what is best for your brother. Do not be envious or jealous of one another. I will bless you according to the measure of my timing and in the measure of your season of growth. Do not be disheartened by the abundance of some who appear to take blessing for granted. I alone know the hearts of my children. I have a purpose in all things and I prune my children’s character. All of my children are unique and I bless and discipline accordingly.

Rejoice in one another. Bless one another. Let my joy overflow and spread to all people. There is life in my truth, abundantly so. My love is an everlasting river that I have poured out to you. Drink and be full. Sing and dance and worship your Creator. Let your praise be a sweet aroma to the nostrils of your Abba, Father.

You are in my hands, my child. Nothing can take you away from my love for you. Now live, walk, and breathe knowing you are mine.

When the L-RD’s Spirit is then quiet, we can soak in His teaching. His Word breathed into us refreshes our spirit and empowers us as His children. He implants in us wisdom. He equips us daily to take on the tasks He has set before us. If we listen, we know what those are, and we will be blessed as we follow His lead. There is no task set before us that He will not provide the open doors and tools for success. In His time, in His order, and in His season, success will be measured by His standards. We just keep pressing on, knowing our place in the sparkle of our Abba’s eye.

07.01.2009 (rev. 08.21.2011)